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This portion of the (St. Cloud Federal Credit Union -CONVERTED 2/1/2017) website, also known as "", is powered by "Internet QuikQuote (iQQ)" under a sublicense agreement with Allied Solutions, LLC. Therefore, this Privacy Policy applies to this portion of the website only and may exist in addition to another Privacy Policy posted elsewhere on (St. Cloud Federal Credit Union -CONVERTED 2/1/2017) website. Both (St. Cloud Federal Credit Union -CONVERTED 2/1/2017) and Allied Solutions, LLC agree to honor the privacy policy for

Our Commitment To Privacy

Personal information provided to us is held in strict confidence and will not be shared or sold to any third party unless required by law. A link to our privacy policy is provided on all pages where you are asked to provide personal information.

Information Collected

You may obtain a quote for an Extended Warranty and/or Guaranteed Asset Protection with or without disclosing personal identifying information. If you chose to "Save" or "Submit" your quote, you will be prompted for certain personal information and this information will be stored and handled per the guidelines outlined in this Privacy Policy. In the event you chose to "Save" or "Submit" your quote, the following personal information will be collected…

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Remarks

  • In addition, some or all of the following information may be collected to provide you with the requested quote(s)…

  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle Sub-Model
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Loan Amount
  • Loan Term
  • Loan Interest Rate
  • Email Address
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone

  • You will also be prompted to create a password. The password will be used to secure your information and provide you with access at a later date.

    How We Use Your Information

    Information that you submit via the "" website is used exclusively to complete the requested transaction. We will not use your personal information for unrelated transactional activities without your consent or opportunity to decline. If you chose to "Submit" your quote, your information will be saved on our servers and by doing so, you are requesting that a qualified staff person from (St. Cloud Federal Credit Union -CONVERTED 2/1/2017) follow up with you to complete the application. The staff person will use either your email address or your phone number to contact you. If you chose to "Save" your quote instead of "Submit", your information will be saved on our servers for later recall by you. In this case, you will not be contacted by a staff person.

    How To Access Your Information

    Information that you "Submit" or "Save" via the website may be accessed and viewed by logging into your account using your email address and password. Your information cannot be edited after "Submitting" at this time. However, you are able to cancel and resubmit your quote for a limited period of time.

    Data Security

    We have implemented systems and resources to prevent access violations, and ensure data integrity through internal and external procedures to protect information obtained via Your information can be accessed only by those employees whose job function requires access, such as customer service representatives and administrative staff for the purpose of fulfilling your request. To protect the privacy of our customers all personal data is stored on secure servers. Access to such data requires a UserID and Password. Only authorized staff are issued a UserID and Password.

    Children's Privacy

    The website is not designed and is not intended to entice individuals that are under the age of thirteen. We strongly believe that children's privacy is important. We do not retain any individual's information if we're aware of the fact that they're under the age of thirteen.

    How To Contact Us

    Should you have other questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please call us at 800-826-9384 or send an email to to obtain answers.

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